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Around 50% of all enquiries about cosmetic surgery come to nothing. Trust between practitioners and consumers in this field is, basically, broken. How could blockchain help rebuild trust is a question addressed by this week’s interviewee, Richard Crawford-Small?

Because when people think about cosmetic surgery, they usually think about the negatives, the extreme cases, the Michael Jacksons. They wonder whether they can trust the online reviews, the ‘before and after’ photographs - are they real patients, have they been doctored?

But there’s also really important work going on, that has made a real impact on people’s lives, their self-esteem and personal emotional well-being, safe and successful procedures being carried out by practitioners at the top of their game.

And in an industry worth $50bn worldwide each year.

Now, new ICO Cosmecoin has devised a way to bring reviews and rewards together in a mutually-beneficial way, encouraging those who have undergone surgery to adhere to their aftercare process, not to exert themselves and posting pictures of their successes, incentivised by receipt of Cosmecoin to encourage further treatments, and encouraging reviews of their procedures – all kept transparent and immutable via blockchain.

Truly a case of showcasing good practice and calling out the bad, leading to good outcomes, loyalty and rewards on all sides.

Barry James here interviews Founder and CEO Richard Crawford-Small on what plans the company has – and what he’s learnt along the way.  


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