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Blockchain technology is unstoppably rolling out across just about every industry, not just (as some predicted) the world of financial services, but anywhere with a community of users.

Blockchain is technology that cuts out the middleman. It creates trust - by making everything verifiable - between parties who don’t need to even know one another so expanding reach while slashing friction and cost.

So any industry that can harness powerful attributes is ripe for disruption.

What it does lack, however, as a new sector, is advisors and mentors to guide passionate and intelligent people through the process, avoiding the pitfalls, and ultimately launching a successful funding round - whether that’s an ICO or not.  

After fifteen years working within financial services, increasingly with exciting fintech companies, Ophir Gertner co-founded four years ago to help retail clients manage their investment portfolios. And at the same time he became fascinated by the rise of blockchain and began researching how this would change business altogether.

With a passion for starting new projects and new businesses, he co-founded Stox Blockchain Prediction Markets Platform in early 2017, which launched a successful ICO that August and raised $33m.

But he didn’t stop there!

Noticing the number of great people moving into the blockchain product stratosphere with passion, but little experience, Ophir left Stox in the hands of a great team and set up his Smartologic Technologies. Here he offers blockchain consultancy services to both start-ups and established companies, as well as investors with an interest in this space, on how to launch revolutionary ideas, raise funds, reinvent and optimise their existing operation through harnessing blockchain technology - and possibly launch an ICO.


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