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This episode is less an interview, more a conversation between host Barry E James and someone steeped not in the world of Blockchain, but AI, chatbots and machine learning: Tania Peitzker founder and CEO of ‘Bots as a Service’

Billions of dollars have been invested in AI by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others over the past thirty years.

Tania believes it is inevitable that at some point, AI and Blockchain, ‘Brains and Chains’, will merge. Will it be Google or Apple et-al or led by scientists in the US, Berlin or Switzerland?

Is Elon Musk right to worry - and warn? What if machine learning goes too far; if a programme interfacing with Blockchain just kept on learning?

Tania has long been working with AI bots, cognitive interfaces, mixed and immersive reality, and machine learning - and provides some reassurance.

  • AI bots have already passed the Turing Test - many times over.
  • It’s important to understand that, like the internet, Blockchain provides an enhanced environment - one in which AI and bots of all kinds can become actors and provide support and other services.
  • A possible way for AI to integrate with this would be to add a layer of chatbots to help users
  • AI is a long-standing technology, Tania’s own is a 10-year-old algorithm and Google has been working for many years on just this - and paid $400M for the Deep Mind algorithm.
  • Blockchain is supposed to be transparent but can be seen as obscure; both Blockchain and AI have image problems with the wider community.
  • Japan is ahead and when the Japanese government-backed cryptocurrency was hacked last year, investors were given their money back.
  • IPOs are too much for 10-year-old technology businesses, but ICOs are a possible way to raise funds.



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