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If you want a thing to happen – get a woman in! Says the Crypto Diva!

When Barry met Jillian Godsil, journalist, fintech expert, commentator and champion of Women in Blockchain, he described the meeting as a whirlwind that knocked him off his feet. Jillian is undoubtedly a force of nature – refreshingly upfront about how recently she’s moved into this space, but certainly making her mark ever since through sheer force of personality.

This episode is less an interview, more a conversation during which subjects as diverse as the Irish Celtic Tiger, the financial crash that saw the country the butt of blame for problems across Europe, divorce, bankruptcy and suicide, ‘unthinking’ the old ways and starting again, and fixing the education system, all find a place.

The driving force behind Jillian’s fascination for blockchain and cryptocurrency? Techy brains doing clever things; the disruptive side, taking on traditional sluggish elements like insurance, accountancy and the banks; and the ‘hippy-dippy’ element, making the world a better place.

While reportedly only 4% of jobs across blockchain are filled by women, the capacity to change lives through education cannot be underestimated. As Jillian says, we need more women in this ‘wonderful, transformational, life-changing technological sector’ – who wouldn’t want to change the world for the better?

Her sign off message for women to get involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency is simple: Just, have a go, why don’t you?  


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