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This is no time for making plans for 2050 - people are dying - today!

It was while studying at Cambridge university that today’s guest Nat Rich realised quite what a state the world is in – and that if people knew some of the stuff she was finding out, they’d be horrified.

The problem of carbon emission, and the high NOx levels which kill people, is global, and especially bad in London where it’s easy just to blame the cabs, or the buses, or the trains. We constantly break the EU’s limit for safe pollution levels. And it can only get worse.

And government is tackling the issue by charging vehicles for their emissions – rather than trying to solve the problem at source!

But the issue goes much further than that. We reply on all sorts of machines to keep the world running, and it’s not just cars or plans or lorries, but also the generators that run our hospitals.

It was a few years back that while working within the water industry, Nat had come across a magnetic device that claimed to reduce carbon emissions when fitted an engine. And while she herself was sceptical, she decided to go with the flow – literally! - and to investigate the potential of the technology in case it really could deliver what it promised. And this is not a new technology – it’s been in operation for over twenty-five years. But it needed to make an impact on a global scale if this pollution was to be tackled once and for all.

And as she started testing the technology, working with Sheffield Hallam University, Nat realised a number of things.

Firstly, that Government moves very slowly on matters like this.  There were recent press reports of councils being set a deadline of October 2019 to come up with plans for how they are going to tackle emissions in their borough. Almost a year – and that’s just to come up with plans, never mind putting them into action!

And second, she realised that while there are expectations that within 30 years, electric vehicles will be the norm, it will take more than half that time to create the infrastructure to support this.

And thirdly, she realised that creating a movement would be the most effective way to get people on board – rather than a corporate, or government – looking to harness people’s passion for a better and cleaner, more sustainable world.

The device itself has been proven to work. While much depends on the type of vehicle, and how you drive, Sustainable Flow has had results of up to 90% reduction in carbon emissions, with 65% as the average across tests, and up to 63% in NOx.

And it’s not only old vehicles where the problem is currently on the road – tests on a three-week-old Peugeot car showed NOx reduced by 46% - on what is a brand-new car!

Academics and investors have told Nat that this is too good to be true, but here it is, actually proving them wrong; 20 scientific journals have articles explaining how it works, using magnetic principles – and this is old technology, just never before applied on a global scale.

This technology can literally completely change the planet. The only catch is people need the ability to believe it will work.

Howard Cox from Fair Fuel UK decided to take us to the houses of Parliament, to present to the APPG on carbon emissions. He has now written a report for Chris Grayling, the Transport Minister, to present to the Prime Minister as an effective solution that can be used immediately.

Nat knows that charities can be very effective for some things, and this was one option for gaining attention and support. But she also realises it’s still possible for companies to make money while doing good for the world. So, as she grows this network, this movement, she wants to give people a financial interest as well as relying on their passion, to have the maximum impact.

She is working on rolling out the movement across the four elements – she’s starting with Air, but especially when attracting media attention, she’s also looking at Fire, Earth and Water. There are many great products out there that can change the world for good - but which never see the light of day. These she wants to support in this movement she’s creating. And in an effort to get businesses and the public alike interested, she’s looking to raise the money to create the biggest splash – by tokenising.

But that is in the future.

At the moment you can register your interest and support on the website, you can pre-order your device for when it is available, and you can pre-register for the blockchain angle with your details.

As Nat stresses, people are dying right now. Asthma levels are rising and there are ever more vehicles adding to the roads by the day. But the Sustainable Flow solution, proven to reduce emissions so dramatically, doesn’t need forward planning, or development, or regulating.

It’s here, now, today.


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