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We are now launching the first Association globally, the first network globally, for frontier Technologies

But it's not just an Association for technologists at the Frontiers of AI, bots, robots, iot, autonomous vehicles, alternative reality, augmented reality, DLT and blockchain.

Nor is it just for geeks in all the other emergent area a fintech and other sectors, or even those who are expert in more established Technologies.

It goes wider than that because the Revolution we are now facing goes for wider than that.

We know that technology can change our entire worldenvironment, because it happened already numerous times - and including in living memory with the internet and the World Wide Web

This is accelerating is simply self-evident to anyone who's watching closely enough

I think it's fair to say that last time the web took our Breath Away and caught us on the hop - we were victims the hype cycle, boom and bust. I

Irrational exuberance occasion by amazing technology followed by irrational disappointment because of the time it took for the dream to be realised

That dream has been realised in spades - and it threatens to become a nightmare.

It was Buckminster Fuller who taught us then we can choose to be Architects of or future rather than its victims.

This time we need not just conscious capitalism but as we rebuild our world we need to be conscious of the world that we are building

That world will be built on a backbone that we now understand and call variously blockchain or DLT. It will be made not just with those Technologies but also all of those other front here Technologies I mentioned earlier

But what kind of world will it be?

Who can tell us?

Well - no one can!


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