Ross McCall
Structuring Adviser & Relationship Manager At Aberdeen Standard Investments

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Tom Mason is Koodoo's Technical Director, a tech entrepreneur, technical architect and business strategist. In 2008 Tom founded the software agency YouSoft, providing award-winning development services to best-in-class firms, including Porsche and Mercedes.

Koodoo is a global equity crowdfunding platform connecting conscious investors and impact focused entrepreneurs, that unlocks the value of the blockchain to enable positive change for people and planet.

Koodoo aims to democratise equity investment on a global level, enabling anyone to become a changemaker, whether you’re a startup from Shoreditch making ethical fashion accessible, a company from Kenya empowering off-grid citizens with a recognised location so they can open a bank account, an everyday investor in Holland who believes in the clean meat revolution looking to invest £20 into Cellular Agriculture, or a professional investor from South Africa looking to diversify their portfolio into impact investing.
Title: “The blockchain to power frictionless, global financing for social impact businesses.”

Chris Luck is a Corporate Partner in the CMS Funds and Indirect Real Assets team. His main focus is in the real assets and financial sectors for UK and International clients. He advises fund managers, investors, including for investment in technology, and also advises on REITs, stock market matters and M&A activity.
Chris works with and participates in industry bodies on matters such as the Alternative Investment Fund Managers' Directive (AIFMD). He is leading the CMS Funds Group initiatives on the impact of AI & Technology in the Funds sector including tokenisation and its potential.

Charlie Morris - Chief Strategist at Atlantic House Fund Management. Previously, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Newscape from 2016 to 2018 and the Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management. He specialises in multi-asset investing and is well known for his views on gold. In other roles, Charlie is the editor of the Fleet Street Letter (est 1938) and the Chairman and founder of; a leading data provider within the crypto market, that enables real-time fundamental network analysis. Charlie shares experiences of the crypto market and what first caught his eye in 2013. Comparing crypto to other traditional asset classes, with an overview of the key ByteTree metrics, that enable the network to be measured and the coins to be valued. He founded ByteTree to enable other professional investors to make rational, and compliant, decisions so that this new asset class can enter the mainstream. Preparing crypto for the old world will be crucial for its continued success.

Ross McCall from Aberdeen Standard Investments, a global asset manager with combined AUM of c.€562bn and 48 office locations globally (as at 31 December 2018), is a structuring advisor in the Global Private Markets and Real Estate Structuring team. He acts as relationship manager to ASI’s c.€45bn (as at 31 March 2019) Real Estate business and also works closely with ASI’s Commercial Real Estate Lending team.

Ross’ responsibilities include supporting the development, structuring, launch and life cycle events of the Real Estate business’ funds, clubs and joint-ventures from inception through to liquidation. He is also heavily involved in the work that Aberdeen Standard Investments is undertaking on digital assets in the Private Markets and Real Estate space.


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