Antony Abell
Director / Co-Founder At TrustMe™ and of the TPX™ Property Exchanges
Jon Small
Full stack Rails Developer , blockchain technology data specialist programmer and business systems analyst.

Show Notes

This episode covers. The team blockchain. Masterclass for February, held on the 17th of February. Where I talk with Anthony Abell. Director and co-founder of Trust Me and T-P X about the property exchanges due to launch this year, which will revolutionise the ownership of property by making it liquid. Amongst other things, it will allow equity release on a much fairer basis and will help to power a whole new market by releasing liquidity around the world. 

I talk also to Ferry Tilekens, who is working with a various groups, including government, in the Netherlands to work out the wrinkles in tokenization and normalise it for the economy. There's a huge educational aspect to this, as well as working on the taxonomy. 

Finally, John Small, a programmer with over far 35 years
experience in finance, supply chains and media and a deep understanding of mathematics and physics, which he brings to the blockchain world with a new insight and a project to go with it - to create something beyond blockchains that you might call a block-lattice with many advantages - especially or high volume use cases were adaptability and simplicity are at a premium. Could this be Blockchain 2.00 [00:01:38][0.0]


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