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Welcome to the #CovidSpring series in which we look through the Covid winter, which we are now enduring, to the coming spring beyond the crisis and harness some of the world's finest minds to together think about what kind of world we want to create. What kind of world we want and need - in search of humane economics.

We'll be asking the question: Why is how did our economy become so toxic?

Why do we have a plague of crises ranging from climate change and diversity loss through runaway inequality and insecurity that has impoverished millions of people - adding millions more people year on year?

To the pandemic itself, and why we failed to take the measures we knew were necessary? Looking to what all these crises have in common - the roots. The mechanisms that have brought this about - around the world.

We'll be asking what we need to do to create a more Humane Economics. In the #CovidSpring.

Before we dive into that, right at the start, we'll look be taking a look at the reality of international predatory capitalism right now. An aspect of the current emergency that threatens to throw hundreds of thousands of Brits into the arms of the most predatory of Wall Street capitalists.


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