Rachel Neale
Campaigner At UK Mortgage Prisoners

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Before we get fully into gear to explore the #CovidSpring and so the future let's take a glance at the past and the present Covid Winter with a look at the effects of predatory capitalism unleashed via the ongoing story of the Mortgage Prisoners.

This is an extraordinary story of the toxic economics we have in action involving the FCA, the British government selling British citizens into a form of modern slavery, trapped with their abusers, who behave without balance or restraint threatening financial ruin and visiting ill heath, mental and physical, on their 'customers' via an as yet unclosed loophole in the law.

Despite censure over years culminating in a recent report from the London School of Economics the government continues to evade its clear responsibility to the 250,000 plus mortgage holders (according to the FCA and LSE - more according to many other) - plus family members, with no sign of relief or redress in sight.

You can read more about the experience of the Mortgage Prisoners at

Worse still the 'loophole' that allows mortgage holders to be effectively stripped of their rights for profit has, astonishingly, yet to be closed or even assurances forthcoming in the face of credible reports that the very same predators are on the prowl again with millions more British bank customers in their sights.


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