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  • Jasmine and Barry discussed the Bank of England's consultation on creating a digital pound. Jasmine expressed her concerns about central bank digital currencies, stating that they allow for too much control and monitoring by the government.
  • Barry and Jasmine discussed the differences between cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies, with Jasmine expressing concerns about the centralized nature of CBDCs and the potential for government control over people's finances. They also talked about the impact of taxation on small businesses and the extractive nature of the economy.
  • Jasmine and Barry discussed the potential risks and benefits of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and how they have been implemented in different countries. They also talked about the possibility of abuse of power and loss of control for individuals once CBDCs become the only form of currency.
  • Barry and Jasmine discussed the lack of media coverage on the restriction of access to cash in Nigeria and the potential dangers of CBDCs in terms of data privacy and inequality. They also expressed concern about the mainstream media's reluctance to report on alternative views and the need for more protests to protect individual freedoms.
  • Barry and Jasmine discussed the potential implementation of CBDCs and the impact it could have on society. Jasmine suggested using cash, investing in gold and cryptocurrencies, and not keeping too much money in bank accounts.
  • Barry and Jasmine discussed various alternative options to traditional banking and currency, including Tally Money, a gold-backed bank account and payment card. They also talked about potential collaborations in the future.


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